Thursday, July 24, 2014

Birthday celebrations

Every July my mom flies up from Florida so we can celebrate her birthday with the family. A few days before her special day, we had family and friends over for a cookout on the weekend.

I had not seen my cousins in a couple of years, but my mom hadn't seen a couple of them in over twenty years.

Cousins battling it out on a Wii game.


My moms birthday was actually on July 22nd. Our family took her out for dinner at Longhorn. This restaurant is one of our favorite places when dining out.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Growing My Own Lettuce

A friend of mine posted on Facebook, an article on how to regrow vegetables that you purchased from the grocery store. I thought why not give it a try! However, my first attempt totally failed. I did not see any growth for the entire week. The lettuce would not thrive. It was totally dead. I was surprised because I got it from the farmer's market. I also had some lettuce from the grocery that was big and full. I was at the end of the Romaine lettuce with only just a few tiny leaves in the center. I decided to keep them to see if it would grow. All I did was place the stalk of the lettuce in a clear plastic cup, and filled it with water and placed the cup next to my window. The very next day I thought I noticed it grow just a little. On the third day my husband noticed some substantial growth. I have had the lettuce in water for a little over a week. All I do is add fresh water every other day.

I think I am going to plant the lettuce, so it will grow further. Here is a link that shows you other vegetables that can regrow again.  Regrow Your Own Groceries

Let me know if you try it.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

New Magnets

Since the kids are home my creative time is almost nonexistent. However, I decided to make these little magnets one morning. I plan on exhibiting in a few shows this fall.

Can you give me any suggestions about some other images that would make good magnets?