Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ladies Night Out

Two weeks ago I got together with some friends for a little painting party. The party was to paint a gift for our sweethearts for Valentine's Day.

I instructed them step by step how to create a blackboard themed work of art.

Stephenie personalized her art for her hubby.
Everyone brought some goodies to share with each other. That table was visited several times by us all.
Yes, I know this picture is reversed, but Stephanie accidentally reversed the picture. She and her daughter had a great time. Mom and I were wondering who Regan would say is her Valentine. She did not reveal. LOL! I'm sure it's for her dad.
I can't tell how much fun and laughs we all had that night.
Everyone's masterpiece is complete
I wanted to share with you about Pat's painting. She is a former customer of mine. Pat decided to paint this for her friend who recently just lost her loved one. I believe she said it was her friend's husband that had died recently. I think this is such a special gift to remember her friend for Valentine's Day. 
Hopefully, we can get together again real soon, for another fun filled evening with these wonderful ladies!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Chalkboard Clock

To say that my creative time is slow is an understatement. Since the new year I haven't felt very creative. I did come up with an idea of a new clock design in December, and started working on it during the holiday. Chalkboard look is such a popular design for home d├ęcor right now, so I decided this would be a nice touch to my shop. The clock will be available in a few days.