Friday, October 21, 2016

Our Movie Themed Basement Make Over

I know I have been MIA from the blogosphere for a long time. I have been settled since my boys are back in school and my daughter is off to college. It seems as though my preoccupation with other things have kept me busy.

You will remember when our entire family painted the basement several years ago, then my hubby just put it on the backburner for a while. Well, the greatest motivator was when my daughter graduated from high school in May, so he had to get in gear before our family came in town.
We purchased the couches from American Signature Furniture. I looked all over to find a black leather sofa, which is very hard to find and within our budget. Finally we found these to pieces which also recline. I really wanted a new coffee table, but what I did was paint these lightwood tables we have had for years to grey. I just sanded the table down and picked up some chalk grey paint from Walmart. I chose grey because I didn't want to overwhelm  the room with too much black. I found this funky rug on Walmart online. I thought it would add a little pop to the room.

We were busy for six weeks before getting things in place. If you don't remember we had a movie theme for our basement. I found a pillow at Kirkland's that fit in perfectly. I already found this center piece for my coffee table from Michael's Arts and Crafts. We use it for the remotes, or should I say, I use it for the remotes.

I found one poster online from the movie Red Tails. My husband attended Tuskegee, so I thought having a poster about the Tuskegee airmen would be something he would like. The other poster is from the latest Star Wars movie of which our entire family are big fans of this movie.

I also wanted to show you this light I purchased at Walmart as well. It has that movie light look to me. One more thing I was thinking about was getting a book shelf to have candy and snacks for ourselves and guest, so I am on the hunt for this piece.

It is amazing how some things come together. My son, Michael had this candy machine in his room for years. He didn't use it anymore, so I asked him if I could move it downstairs. The slate coasters were a Christmas gift I got last year. They match perfectly with the end table.

And last my husband wanted a window to get more light for this room. He really wanted this to be a work room. I totally did not like this idea at all, so I had this idea. How about making this window into barn doors. Todd (my husband) already had this wood he just added the wood as a border, we ordered the barn door parts online. We actually made this room into a guest room.

I want to encourage you all to be resourceful. You don't have to spend crazy amounts of money to make a great family room for everyone to enjoy.

See you later!