Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Simply Red

I wanted to show a few things I have been working on in my studio this past week. Since Valentine's Day is fast approaching, I decided to create a few things for the holiday. The heart clock has actually been an idea floating in my head for some time. The clock is now available in my shop.

I'm also making a few heart ornaments for teachers and friend's gifts. In a few days I will show some more designs I create for the holiday. I so enjoy working with polymer clay. It is such a forgiving medium

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Peek in my Studio

Last year I was hoping to have these two paintings to complete before the holidays, but unfortunately time flew by so quickly. Of course, the holiday preparations took up the vast majority of my time, so I finally started to work on the paintings again this week. I plan to add some digital text and make this into a print mounted on canvas. The idea of angels actually came from a painting I had created many years ago. I decide to update with two different angels.

I will show the finished work later.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Let's Paint

A few days before Christmas, I taught a painting party for one special ladies birthday.
Tori turned eleven years old.
(me and mom/host Nadia)
She had invited ten friends to her party. Our evening was filled with laughs, giggles and lots of girl talk and more giggles.
I led the girls step by step from drawing a flower to mixing the paint, to completing their finished work of art.

 As I showed them how to start their paintings. I went around the table to give them suggestions and encouragement.

The younger girls tried to follow me step by step, while some of the older girls added their own unique style to the painting.
Some of the girls were so serious while others just enjoyed the fun of the activity. I had to reassure some that we are here to have a good time and enjoy painting their little masterpiece.
It was great to see all the differences of each artist.

I can't tell you how much fun I had instructing and listening to these young ladies.
I look forward to teaching more painting parties this year! Happy New Year!!