Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This past weekend I hosted my daughter's thirteenth birthday party at our home. Our invitations and cake had butterflies as the theme for the event.

The cake was very yummy!

We had an artsy party that included making an inspirational blocks for the girls to take home as gifts. Here are a few examples we had after the girls left. The two on the right are my boys' blocks, so that is why they are not so girly. Lol
Whatever you decide for your child's party always make it unique and creative!


AMKreations said...

The cake is beautiful Mechelle...did you make it...I love the orange. =)

Christie Cottage said...

Cute cake! Love inspirational bocks too!

Happy Belated Birthday Bethany!


Mary said...

oh what a beautiful cake. i am sure fun was had by all!!

Birthday wishes Bethany!!

MYSAVIOR said...

That cake ROCKS!! Happy Birthday Bethany!


Julie Riisnaes said...

That cake looks fab!

watercolors said...


Loving that cake!!!
What a lucky daughter to have such a creative mother.