Thursday, February 10, 2011

Several years ago I made these Valentines Cards for my Etsy store. I have for many years enjoyed making cards by hand to give to others. I so enjoy creating the cards, I think it means so much to someone when you take the time to make one for a friend or loved one in your life. The heart was painted with acrylic paint. I used a base coat of brown then red and pink on top. I outlined the heart then cut it out, and attached a few layers of torn decorative paper.

This card was created with a stamp I purchased at a local art and crafts store. The top was stamped in gold. The heart was painted on watercolor paper, then stamped a design on top. After I cut it out I attached it to the card. At the bottom of the card I glued some decorative paper.

Say I LOVE YOU in some special way. That is my motto as I live life creatively!


AMKreations said...

They are beautiful Mechelle! I love hand made cards!

First Christian Church said...

They are beautiful!! Love them.


Sherri Ward said...

cute cards!

MYSAVIOR said...

I do think these are beautiful and creative, Mechelle. Just like you!


Renee said...

Very nice cards!

laurel said...

Pretty cards! Thanks for stopping my blog and checking in on me. 2010 was a really busy year at work and 2011 may be worse but I'm trying to do better at making some time for creative endeavors. How are things in your world?