Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Memories


I can not tell you how many shots it takes to get the whole family together to take a holiday picture. Well, after church we started the task of corralling these three for a picture.

Let me tell you this is no easy task. Usually, one will get the sillies, then the others will join in on the fun. As we the parents get more frustrated as time goes by. If only you could have seen how Bethany, then Michel decided they could set the timer on the camera, when they actually just took a candid shot.

So, finally we all get on the same page and get that perfect picture. I can not tell you how it helps in times like these to have perspective. These little moments of craziness are just a treasure of memories to share in the future with the family. Time has gone by so fast. Even though at times it seems like an eternity. Where have my little babies gone? They are growing up so fast.

I hadn't made an orange flavored cake in so long. I decided it was time to try something different.
It is my hope that you also had wonderful memories to treasure for years to come as well. Also remember how our risen Lord rose victoriously that day. That my friends is a great memory to treasure and honor each and everyday.
I hope you had a wonderful Easter!


AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

I love all the pictures but that last one is perfect! Would love the recipe for the orange cake!

sammysgrammy said...

It looks like a wonderful holiday at your house.

Aloquin said...

He did indeed rise victoriously! Hallelujah :)

The cake looks delicious, but your family looks even better :) You don't even want to know how many pics I had to take to get even a few good ones... lol, fun times :)

sacra vim said...

I love picture #2! :)

bananaorangeapple said...

Aw, you have such a beautiful family!

Niki Jackson said...

Aww the photos are lovely Mechelle x

MYSAVIOR said...

What a beautiful family!

Cynthia S. said...

I love all of pictures and your family is beautiful! Are you sharing the recipe for the orange cake? Smiles and joy!