Wednesday, September 4, 2013

New Clocks


This past few days I have been creating some new designs of clocks for my shop. The jazz saxophonist is actually a painting that I had used before for an art block. I finally decided to make it a part of my collection of functional art. The other clock is an abstract design of warm and neutral colors.

This past year or two moustaches are all the rage on fabric, party favors, and all sorts of home décor products. So, I decided to make a fun clock with a moustache. I am still thinking of what color to make the hands for this one.

They will be available in my shop later this week.


sammysgrammy said...

I especially like the jazz musician one. I think they'll make great Christmas presents.

sacra vim said...

Great work! My son think the mustache clock is awesome...he also wants to know if the sides of the mustache are the hands of the clock. ;)

Christie Cottage said...

These are great!


Mechelle said...

No the moustache is on the face of the clock. I haven't added the hands yet.