Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Pretzel Time

To say that my daughter Bethany loves pretzels, is an understatement. Every time we go to the mall, without fail, she ask if we can go to Pretzel Time.

On her last week of school, she decided to make her very own pretzels. She had been looking at recipes over the internet and in my cookbook. I suggested to use the break maker, but she wanted to do it the old fashioned way.
There are a several steps to allow the dough to rise.

Bethany rolled out the dough, then made an egg wash before putting the pretzels into the oven.

She sprayed down the pan with a lot cooking spray before putting the pretzels into the oven.

As you can see they turned out very well! They were all gone by the next day.


Mary L said...

She did a great job!! :)

sammysgrammy said...

Send her over to my house. I adore those soft Pennsylvania Dutch pretzels with mustard on them.

bananaorangeapple said...


Carla from The River said...

Yummy! I love homemade pretzels too.

Marsha said...

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This is a great recipe. My daughter was just talking about making pretzels.

Memories for Life said...

Mmmmm...the sugar & cinnamon ones are my favorite! These look great!

Melanie Ledford said...

Both my kids love pretzels like this, and they also always ask for pretzels when we're at the mall or somewhere else where they are sold. I love the idea of making them at home! That just might be one of our summer activities we do together.

Linda said...

Those look perfect! When I was a newlywed I made pretzels and hung them on our Christmas tree since we had very few ornaments. They lasted for years. Your daughter's pretzels look yummy!