Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Basement Update

It has been a while since I posted our progress in our basement. To tell you the truth, with the kids home for the summer, progress slowed up a lot. My husband and I were busy going on vacation, going to the pool, movies, bowling and entertaining family and friends. However, I did start looking for frames to put family pictures down the stairs. I saw great idea on Pinterest.

I already had the black and gold and all gold frame. I will be adding more family pictures to the wall. I found this cute metal family sign at Hobby Lobby. As you can see my hubby still has to complete the trim to the stairs.

Our family finally decided to have a movie theme for our basement. My daughter suggested a Paris theme, but the boys would not go for that. 

I found this sign that will be on the wall as people walk down the steps. I purchased the sign at Hobby Lobby. This montage of pictures was a present my mom gave us for our 20th wedding anniversary in April.

Even though I still have several more boxes to open, you won't believe all the stuff we have donated or thrown away. I still have a lot more things to go through.
The left side of the room behind the bookshelf will be my studio space. The right side is the game area and workout space.
Here is a close up of my two sons sports teams photos. I put these Mickey Mouse ears just as a joke, but the family likes them since the color matches.

I purchased the sign and reel at Hobby Lobby as well. They had a great sale on the signs.

My junkie studio space that I am trying to organize.  I found a bookshelf with baskets at Target that I think will go great for my space.
How does it look so far?


Christie Cottage said...

I think it looks great!


Carla from The River said...

I like it. It takes time, but it is always rewarding when it is all done. :-)

sammysgrammy said...

The amazing thing about your basement family space is that's it has so much natural light.

Linda said...

You have the best kind of busyness to keep you from your completion and it is looking great! Wish we had basements here!

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

Looking good! I am envious for all the room you have! My basement is cement and stone walls. Although "vintage", it's not a place to hang out!

Niki Jackson said...

It's all coming along really well Mechelle, great idea for a movie themed room. x