Friday, April 24, 2015

Art by Bethany

This is her plate of macaroons
These past few months I have been amazed seeing my daughter blossom as an artist. She decided to take an art class at her high school this year. I have enjoyed seeing her progress over time. What is so funny is she first started journaling as a project, so she thought she would share this new art form with me. I actually had already taken an online class several years ago, and had shared that with her what I had done previously.

This adorable little ceramic piece is a beehive with the little bees on the side.

Since Bethany is such an avid reader, she created this clay piece of her reading one of her favorite books.

 When we were on spring break she made this little sketch on her to go box from a restaurant.
I was so proud when her art teacher told me, she is one of her best students. Not only is she a math whiz like her dad, but a creative person like me. I look forward to see how she might blend both of these talents together.


Isobel Morrell said...

Definitely a girl with promise - loved all these items. It's great to see one's children growing with their skills. Best of luck to both her mathematical side, as well as the artistic one

sammysgrammy said...

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she could be an animator - I understand there's good money in it too!

bananaorangeapple said...

What a lovely post!

Liga Valge said...

Truly enjoyed reading about your daughters accomplishments. Lovely post!

Laurie Sikorowski said...

God's greatest blessings are our kids! Lovely post!

Laurie Anne :)

Handiworkin' Girls said...

What beautiful artwork! Love the rainbow of colors. :)