Tuesday, November 30, 2010

First Decoration

It is so hard to believe that tomorrow will be the first day of December! Before we went out of town for the Thanksgiving break I found this cute little plate at my local Hobby Lobby. I thought it would go great on my kitchen counter. This is my first official decoration that I put up for the season. Now, I have to go down to the basement and start dragging out all of those boxes of festive trimmings. It is almost like opening up a new present when you unwrap each decoration. There are so many fond memories of Christmas past to cherish all over again. Enjoy the beginning of the season!


Gifts of Creation said...

very cute! I love Hobby Lobby!

AMKreations said...

I know, it's hard to believe! I got out Christmas decorations today...just put some snowmen in the hallway...thinking about a tree...time sure flies! =)

pfd said...

Every year I have my grandchildren over to decorate the weekend after Thanksgiving. I love doing that because it does not matter how perfect it looks... it is wonderful in their eyes. And that is what counts!

Renee said...

I saw that at Hobby Lobby! Very cute! I'm almost done decorating and now I'm on to baking!

Christie Cottage said...


I guess I am going to have to start decorating soon too!

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