Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Helen Georgia

This past weekend my family and I drove up to Helen Georgia to go tubing with our church. Helen is about an hour north from where we live in the Georgia mountains. The city is a quaint little town that looks exactly like a German village. The town is best known for their Oktoberfest in the fall.  Also many people come to see the beautiful fall foliage.

Here is Michael, Justin, and his dad Chris rolling down the river.

Jada, my daughter Bethany and Michael had a great time!

We had to be there around 10 am to reserve a picnic table after the ride. Our group was pretty scattered around the base of the river. There is a bus that takes you and your tube at the start of the rapids. My mom and I did not brave the river. We had a little picnic lunch right after their ride on the rapids.

Our group made it just in time before a huge storm came upon us. I felt so sorry for the people on the river as buckets of rain started to come down. When the lightning started to hit it was so scary. After going through so many heavy showers storms on our drive back, the kids were all ready talking about coming back next year.

When we got home we all had a good nap after this fun filled excursion.


sammysgrammy said...

Leave it to kids to find river rapids and thunder and lightening exciting and want to do it all again. Love their exuberance.

sacra vim said...

So fun! The picture of the village is gorgeous!