Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Outdoor Fall Decorations

I was so excited to pull out the fall decorations on my porch. So, I began searching on blogs and on Pinterest various ideas I decided to paint my pumpkins to look like candy corns.
My first attempt was well... a flop when I used spray paint. I decided to instead us a craft paint and applied a couple of coats of each color before I finished my pumpkins.

Earlier today I decided to take my dog on a walk since the weather was perfect, and slightl cool breeze was in the air. I also brought along my camera to take a few shots of my neighbors decorations.

We have some very talented people who really go way out with the decorations.

Some are simple and under stated.

I must admit I am not into the ghost and ghouls of Halloween, but I wanted to show you the wide range of ideas that I saw around the subdivision.


JulieandMax said...

Your front porch decorations look great! Your neighbours have all done a good job decorating as well.

sammysgrammy said...
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sammysgrammy said...

OK, Mechelle - I messed up the first time - I like the idea of taking a camera along on a walk through the neighborhood.

Kelly Bermudez said...

Love the candy corn pumpkins! Cute:))

Becky K. said...

Fun. Your little porch sitter made me smile. I used to have one and then the dogs got hold of him. lol

Niki Jackson said...

It's always lovely to see the different displays. We don't decorate like that over here in the UK, so it's fun to see the different displays. Niki x

2justByou said...

Great decorations! I want to try painting pumpkins this year. =0)