Wednesday, April 23, 2014

New Pendants

I have been busy hand stamping some pendants in polymer clay recently.  It is so much fun  and challenging to work with a different medium.  Painting is my first love, but this is definitely becoming a close second.

Many of the famous painters like Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo worked with various materials during their art careers. Now, I am not saying I am anywhere near these two talented gentlemen, but I definitely take notice at how versatile they were during their lifetime.

It is so important as creative people to go outside our comfort zone sometime, so we can grow and expand our skills.

Until next time. Happy creating!


Jessica Backer said...

I love them! You do a great job!

sammysgrammy said...

Love the heart pendants. Great for Valentine's sales - maybe weddings too (bridesmaids)

Melanie Ledford said...

I've thought about trying to work with polymer clay and just haven't done it yet. I really like the last heart pendant you show i this post!

Abby / Linda said...

These are beautiful! I've never tried polymer clay, but my grandson, the little entrepreneur, has a tiny biz selling his creations!