Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Some say Tomatoes

My two sons decided to plant several different vegetables in our garden this spring. They have been very dedicated in tending to their project. 
Well, about a week ago when I was shopping in Costco I saw tomato plants on sale for $13.99. I wasn't quite sure if this was something I would want to tackle, but I was amazed how large the  tomatoes were already for the picking. When I checked out the person in front of me was purchasing a plant. I asked her a few questions about taking care of the plant. Several days later I had to go back and pick up something I forgot to purchase. This time I decided to get one for our garden.
Hopefully we will be able plant it this weekend. I hope we won't have a battle with any critters. I actually thought about just keeping it on the deck. If you have any advice for me, please leave a comment. I would appreciate!
My husband wants to make fried green tomatoes. I really thought they were just okay when he made some many years ago. The only fried green tomatoes I like is the movie. I prefer red tomatoes in my salad.
Have a great day!
I sure will because today is my husband and I's twentieth wedding anniversary!


Linda said...

Happy Anniversary! We've always grown tomatoes. Here in the Pacific Northwest it is quite an art. We did live in Georgia for 14 years and there they grew like weeds, so i don't have any advice except enjoy! That looks like a lovely tomato plant:)

Linda said...


Melanie Ledford said...

Enjoy! I grew up in the Midwest and my mother ALWAYS had tomatoes in our garden and they grew well without a lot of work.

sammysgrammy said...

First of all, Mechelle - happy anniversary ♥ Secondly, I'd put that baby in the vegetable garden. I'd stake it too because it's sure to get heavy with fruit and you won't want it to fall over.

If you normally don't have deer visiting in your neighborhood, I wouldn't worry about any other critters.

Melissa said...

Tomatoes are funny. They supposedly grow well here in FL, but I have never had very good luck at all. They need a ton of water, and like it hot. This year, I decided I was not going to plant any tomatoes. Instead I concentrated on a tire garden for flowers. A few weeks ago I noticed a plant coming up that looked suspiciously like tomatoes. I thought, it can't be. Yes, it is and it has buds on it now too. How did I get tomatoes I didn't plant? I have no idea, lol. Only thing I can think of is that I compost, and must be some of the tomato seeds decided to take root that had been in the compost. Weird! Good luck with your tomatoes. I love them fresh from the garden.

DotDonahue said...

Happy anniversary :)

Carla from The River said...

Happy Anniversary! That is so great a true thing to celebrate.
Best of luck with your tomatoes.

Vallon des Trésors said...

Happy Anniversary! I find tomatoes quite easy. But it does depend on the climate. I hope you will be able to grow a delicious salad though!