Thursday, October 30, 2014

New Clock and Fall Decoration

When I decided to create a new clock I thought this would be perfect with a fall theme. However, the functional art  piece will be good for any season.
A few weeks ago I saw a decorator on my local t.v. station.

She had great decorating ideas with a fall theme. I decided I definitely wanted to give one a try.

I purchased a 1/2 a yard of fabric that was on sale at Hancock Fabrics. I cut the fabric to make it a square. Then I simply tucked in the extra fabric into the hole.

I used a cinnamon stick in the center for the stem, but you could also use a small stick.  A silk leaf placed on the top would also add a nice accent.

I placed my extra role in my guest bathroom. What a simple cute decoration for the season!


Joyce Butler said...

What a great idea.

Linda said...

I love the look of the chevron clock. Also, what a sweet, simple toilet paper wrap!

Memories for Life said...

What a great clock...I love Chevrons!
And what a clever idea for the pumpkin :)

sammysgrammy said...

The black and white chevron clock in "IN". and the Fall themed tchotchke in the powder room is ingenious. I would definitely be keeping that from year to year.

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

Love the pattern and colors on the clock! What a simple, cute idea for the bathroom. When your kids yell out that the toilet paper is out you can say use the pumpkin!!