Thursday, October 23, 2008

Norcross Art Festival and other stuff

I have been meaning to show pictures of my last show a couple of weeks ago in Norcross. I walked this show last year and determined that this show fit my style of art. So I applied and got in the show! The show is very well organized with very helpful volunteers. The city of Norcross is very quaint with cute little shops and restaurants. There are several new lofts in the area for that downtown feel. You almost feel like your in downtown Atlanta. Even though the sales were definately not as much I had hoped (bank failures happened the week before) I would like to give it a try again next year.


kim* said...

yeah, its tough. it really is. i am going to be in a craft fair in nov. i am working hard to create but who knows how much will sale. there is always room for them being christmas presents so either way... its all good.

edessedesigns said...

Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. Your setup is perfect and your work is beautiful.

I believe that the closer you get to the holiday rush, the better it will be--especially given what you sale. Your work should be in galleries have you thought about this angle as well?

I do my worst at craft shows during the spring and summer and rack up during the holiday rush. This may happen for you. Keep plugging away, you've got all right ingredients, the only thing you need is time.

edessedesigns said...

Okay, I should really read before I post. I see that you have shown in galleries!

Regardless, your work is so beautiful! You are truly talented!